Saturday, November 29, 2008

Conservatives’ paranoia a necessity

Yes, Mr. Bookman, we on the right are paranoid. Unlike many of you who have ushered into power the liberal left, we distinctly remember the Jimmy Carter presidency and the economy that resulted. We distinctly remember the utter failure of socialistic and Marxist economic policies in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and we understand the immutable laws of economic supply and demand.

We distinctly remember the attempts by the liberal left to deny us constitutional rights such as freedom of religion in the marketplace of ideas, and gun ownership. We are paranoid and justifiably so because we have already lived the political, social and economic ideas of the liberal left and we find them frighteningly harmful to the concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Friday, November 14, 2008

Editorial judgments V

I'm not sure I'll ever lose this sick feeling I've had since Tuesday's election.

I feel especially bad for all those brave men and women who fought and died to keep the evils of socialism, Marxism and communism from ever reaching our shores. Now we have elected a president who wants to sow the seeds of those disastrous philosophies right here at home.

If Barack Obama governs the way he said he would during the campaign, he will succeed in doing to America from the inside what our enemies have never been able to do from the outside.

God help us.

Guy Kosinski

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

'Dangerous' opinions II

Amen to the Trib's editorial.

I felt that all U.S. flags should be flying at half-staff Wednesday.

Wake up, America! "REDISTRIBUTION" of the wealth is more commonly known as "S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M" and its evil relative "C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-M"!

Are that many people in this country naive enough to believe that the government should decide how much of our money we get to keep and then redistribute the rest as it sees fit? I hope and pray not.

By the way, Mr. Obama will not be paying for my gas or my mortgage, as I am a CONTRIBUTOR, not a RECEIVER!

Theresa Lakovic

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Conservatism will rise again

That tremor you felt Tuesday night was not the Barack Obama presidential victory but rather Bill Buckley, Ronald Reagan and the Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves.

Fortunately for the conservative movement, they have collectively all rolled to the right. And thus begins the seismic shift in the GOP from the John McCain centrist wing to true conservatism.

McCain's defeat along with additional losses in the Senate and House demonstrate that the supposed lesson to learn from the 2006 mid-term losses necessitating a shift to the left was, in fact, a canard.

Conservatism has its roots in tried and true principles rather than liberalism, which has its genesis in emotion. Acquiescence as such amounts to capitulation, which equals defeat.

With a new generation of conservative pols led by Gov. Sarah Palin, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Club for Growth President Pat Toomey and Rep. Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, the Republican Party will return to the empowerment of the individual citizen over the government.

With Democrat control over two branches of government for at least two years, prepare yourselves for higher taxes, redistribution of wealth, bans on all energy drilling, free speech and gun rights, killing babies and teaching 5-year-olds about Chuck and Bill's marriage.

"Viva La Revolution, comrades!"

A house, like a movement, must often be burned to the ground before it can be rebuilt as it was originally intended. Like the phoenix, the conservative movement began its ascension Wednesday morning. Come 2012 we will be in full flight.

Steven Donnelly

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Disunited on Obama II

Double kudos to the Trib (Rich Grassel letter, "Editorial judgments III," Nov. 8 and

I too just canceled the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette after decades. The invective of their editorial board writers during the election was just awful. Thanks, Trib, for giving me a choice; most towns would kill for the choice that we have.

The PG, along with The New York Times, et al., is facing large-scale downsizing and big cuts are in store. Pity it will never get to the main culprits; it's always the little guy!

Maybe those unfortunates who are laid off can see Dan Rooney for work. Now that "Mr. Build Me a New Stadium or I Will Move the Team" is so connected in the new pro-abortion Obama administration, he'll be able to spread some more wealth and get them a job with another taxpayer-funded joke (ACORN comes to mind).

Amazing. Our number-one Irish Catholic family man and patron saint of the American Ireland Fund has also fallen into the left-wing tar pit with the rest of the ex-angels.

Dennis J. McMahon Jr.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome to socialism

Well, Barack Obama is now president of this country.

You can look forward to having your taxes raised, your 401(k) seized, your sacrifice, hard work and success redistributed. You can look forward to having a president who sees our Constitution as flawed, full of negative liberties and essential constraints put there by the Founding Fathers that said what the states and the federal government can't do to its citizens but not what they must do on your behalf, which he has a problem with.

You can look forward to a civilian security force as powerful as the military reminiscent of what they have in places like North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and China. You can look forward to an all-out assault on the freedom of speech of opposing opinions and the 2nd Amendment.

Never have so many been duped by so little as the promise of getting someone else's money which they did not earn.

I would like to personally thank Democrats like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for magnificently orchestrating the economy to fail as it did. Their timing was superb, their strategy flawless.

We have a new president. Welcome to the USSA, the United Socialist States of America.

Instead of redistribution of the wealth, how about redistribution of the work ethic?

You wanted it, you got it, now live with it.

Welcome to the Obamanation!

Victor K. Hreczkosiej
Sewickley Heights

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Unhappily, I'm willing to give Obama a chance

We woke up Wednesday morning having to face the fact the we now have to say, "President Obama." I for one will have a hard time saying that, as I fear we have installed a socialist "Manchurian candidate" into the White House.

But, fortunately, I am a Reagan conservative, which puts me head and shoulders above any liberal Democrat because I have respect for the office if not the officeholder. Therefore, I am willing to give the man a chance and will look forward to seeing if he can make this country a better place.

This is something liberals cannot understand, and the proof is that for eight long years, President Bush has been hammered day after day, with lies and false accusations. This is one example of why conservatives make better Americans. Did anyone notice the Black Panthers intimidating voters at the polling place in Philadelphia? What a fine example of Democratic strategy and excellence at work.

Mr. Obama will have to take responsibility for such actions because Mr. Bush was held to such standards. Let's see what Obama "truth squads" have in store for all of us.

Robert C. Faulkner Jr.
East Carnegie

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette