Friday, November 14, 2008

Conservatism will rise again

That tremor you felt Tuesday night was not the Barack Obama presidential victory but rather Bill Buckley, Ronald Reagan and the Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves.

Fortunately for the conservative movement, they have collectively all rolled to the right. And thus begins the seismic shift in the GOP from the John McCain centrist wing to true conservatism.

McCain's defeat along with additional losses in the Senate and House demonstrate that the supposed lesson to learn from the 2006 mid-term losses necessitating a shift to the left was, in fact, a canard.

Conservatism has its roots in tried and true principles rather than liberalism, which has its genesis in emotion. Acquiescence as such amounts to capitulation, which equals defeat.

With a new generation of conservative pols led by Gov. Sarah Palin, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Club for Growth President Pat Toomey and Rep. Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, the Republican Party will return to the empowerment of the individual citizen over the government.

With Democrat control over two branches of government for at least two years, prepare yourselves for higher taxes, redistribution of wealth, bans on all energy drilling, free speech and gun rights, killing babies and teaching 5-year-olds about Chuck and Bill's marriage.

"Viva La Revolution, comrades!"

A house, like a movement, must often be burned to the ground before it can be rebuilt as it was originally intended. Like the phoenix, the conservative movement began its ascension Wednesday morning. Come 2012 we will be in full flight.

Steven Donnelly

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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