Friday, November 14, 2008

Disunited on Obama II

Double kudos to the Trib (Rich Grassel letter, "Editorial judgments III," Nov. 8 and

I too just canceled the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette after decades. The invective of their editorial board writers during the election was just awful. Thanks, Trib, for giving me a choice; most towns would kill for the choice that we have.

The PG, along with The New York Times, et al., is facing large-scale downsizing and big cuts are in store. Pity it will never get to the main culprits; it's always the little guy!

Maybe those unfortunates who are laid off can see Dan Rooney for work. Now that "Mr. Build Me a New Stadium or I Will Move the Team" is so connected in the new pro-abortion Obama administration, he'll be able to spread some more wealth and get them a job with another taxpayer-funded joke (ACORN comes to mind).

Amazing. Our number-one Irish Catholic family man and patron saint of the American Ireland Fund has also fallen into the left-wing tar pit with the rest of the ex-angels.

Dennis J. McMahon Jr.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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