Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Unhappily, I'm willing to give Obama a chance

We woke up Wednesday morning having to face the fact the we now have to say, "President Obama." I for one will have a hard time saying that, as I fear we have installed a socialist "Manchurian candidate" into the White House.

But, fortunately, I am a Reagan conservative, which puts me head and shoulders above any liberal Democrat because I have respect for the office if not the officeholder. Therefore, I am willing to give the man a chance and will look forward to seeing if he can make this country a better place.

This is something liberals cannot understand, and the proof is that for eight long years, President Bush has been hammered day after day, with lies and false accusations. This is one example of why conservatives make better Americans. Did anyone notice the Black Panthers intimidating voters at the polling place in Philadelphia? What a fine example of Democratic strategy and excellence at work.

Mr. Obama will have to take responsibility for such actions because Mr. Bush was held to such standards. Let's see what Obama "truth squads" have in store for all of us.

Robert C. Faulkner Jr.
East Carnegie

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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Julia said...

Wow. This letter epitomizes the alternate realities that exist for extreme conservatives. That Bush has been besieged by lies and Black people are intimidating white voters?! Wowsers.