Monday, December 29, 2008

Climate gospel?

In regard to the feature that has been appearing in your Magazine section ("Dear Mr. President Elect"), I have noticed an alarming trend. It appears that many children are being brainwashed with the dogma of environmentalism/climate change. It is very disturbing that children are being taught this in schools, not as an opinion but as gospel.

Climate change was once called global warming, but since that can be disproved, the radical left now calls it climate change, which, of course, cannot be disputed because the climate is constantly changing. What nerve these people have teaching children that man causes the climate to change.

There have been many periods throughout the history of the world that the world has cooled and the world has gotten warmer. To put the blame on man is sorely misleading and just plain wrong.

Environmentalism/climate change is the least of America's problems, and since communism has failed worldwide, the radical left needs a new calling card and this is it. It is a shame our country is now ruining our children by feeding them this garbage.

Hopefully the parents of these children are paying attention to what is being taught these young fragile minds and fighting back. If parents are not paying attention and these children become our country's leaders, we will have a country that is like socialist Europe with mind-numbing taxes, and that will create an entirely new set of problems for our country. That is where this is all leading.


Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Julia said...

If we teach kids science, we'll become like FRANCE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!