Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Israel's 'support'

In her recent letter Bonita Veraldi put forth the notion that Israel is historically one of our (U.S.A.) staunchest supporters ("Defending Israel," Jan. 6 and PghTrib.com).

You would think it should be our supporter, considering the fact that we have given it close to $100 billion in aid, not counting joint military projects, since 1949. But its actions often prove otherwise.

According to a four-part 2001 Fox News report available on youtube.com ("Israel Spies on the USA"), Israel conducts the most aggressive espionage activities against the U.S. of all our allies. It also may have been aware of the planned 9/11 attack ahead of time but did not warn us. (Fox News, not I, came to this conclusion).

Israel's lack of support is nothing new. On June 6, 1967, during the Six Day War, Israel attacked the USS Liberty for several hours in international waters with unmarked planes and torpedo gunships resulting in the deaths of 34 U.S. sailors and the wounding of 170 more.

Israel claimed it thought it was an Egyptian ship, one-half the Liberty's size, despite the fact that it was broad daylight and the Liberty was displaying an oversized U.S. flag.

One might ask what Israel's motives for the attack might have been. Only Israel knows, but it's been speculated that it planned to blame the attack on Egypt and draw us into the war on its side.

Not the actions of a "staunch supporter," in my opinion.

Clifford J. Warner
Jefferson Hills

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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