Saturday, January 31, 2009

A new Iron Curtain about to drop

The Republicans in the House voted as one against the largest nationalized effort on the part of the socialist Democrats to communize the United States.

If Republicans had recognized their responsibilities during the Bush administration, perhaps we wouldn't be here today.

Having visited behind the Iron Curtain in my youth, I can see what awaits us, and it is not pretty. The next step by the Democrats will be to suspend portions of the Constitution by shutting down "talk radio," disarm the populace via emergency edicts and imprison opposition leaders. Nothing will stop them until we wake up, put aside political correctness and seize the moment. Nationalized mortgages and banks are the precursor of a dead society. We are soon to become leeches upon one another, and bloodshed will rule our offspring.

May God have mercy upon us all.

Mark Estabrook

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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