Saturday, January 17, 2009

No ruckus over gay bishop

I see where Barack Obama has asked Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson to open his inaugural festivities on Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial. And the entire Democrat Party is ecstatic that he has picked an openly gay, staunch gay marriage supporter to give the prayer to kick off his presidency.
Thousands of Democratic faithful have showed their disgust with Obama's pick of the Rev. Rick Warren to open the swearing-in ceremony. Robinson seems to be amazed that a man of God would follow the teachings of the Bible and his own conscience when it comes to gay marriage. This is one of the many examples of the irony of liberals being tolerant people.
The most amazing part of this debacle is that not a single Democrat has criticized Obama for his selection of Robinson, a pseudo "man of God," to lead them in prayer. When I talk about the "new" Democratic Party and the "radical" views of Obama, this is just another clear example.

Mike Cloud

Source: Dallas Morning News

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