Monday, February 16, 2009

Liberals whine, hostages pay

I cannot understand why the liberal pansies in this country get outraged because the U.S. military, CIA or NSA pours water on the heads of suspected or proven terrorists/militants head to obtain information that will keep their liberal pansy selves armed with the freedom to whine.

If it will save one American life, and preserve our freedom, why not? I got worse treatment pledging a high school fraternity.

Why haven't liberals been protesting and shouting about the Western hostages, a.k.a. American military, and innocent foreign employees who are kidnapped and beheaded (usually on a video to be shown around the world)?

I would like to see them take their liberal, mealy-mouthed selves to Pakistan, Iran or Iraq and speak against the murderers who commit those atrocities. They know they wouldn't last long.

Fred H. Tate III

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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