Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Limbaugh critics not playing fair

The writer of the Feb. 3 letter "Terrorists of like minds" quoted Rush Limbaugh out of context.

The writer has no idea what Rush actually said -- that if wanting the "president to succeed" meant that Barack Obama was going to pass all of his socialist anti-capitalist policies, then yes, he did in fact want Obama to fail. I don't recall any Democrats wanting George W. Bush to succeed since Day 1 of his presidency.

Second, this quote -- "I would call that a form of anti-American economic terrorism. I know someone who agrees with Rush -- Osama bin Laden" is totally ridiculous.

God forbid anyone disagree with the current president's policies.

Maybe we should all be lined up and thrown in a Soviet gulag. I did not know that voicing disagreement with the administration warranted such punishment and likened itself to the killing of 3,000 Americans.

The writer's comments say much about the liberal mindset: Agree with us or be silenced. I compare it to the actions of Stalin, Lenin and all current terrorist organizations.

Daniel Tacker

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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