Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obama's ideology trumps ours?

It looks like President Barack Obama simply chose his ideology over other people's. Evidently his ideology is that "science" trumps moral convictions. Other people's ideology, including mine, says moral convictions are sometimes more important than "science."
Seems like we should have learned this in the Holocaust.

Ed Dittrich, Granbury

Source: Dallas Morning News

Friday, March 13, 2009

Seeing red

Recently, Newsweek had the headline "We Are All Socialists Now."

William Ayers, President Obama's colleague in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, has referred to himself as "a small 'c' communist."

Are we actually closer to the latter than the former? After all, we have a "troika" in Obama-Reid-Pelosi. In Obama's recent "stimulus bill," only 10 to 20 percent is spent in 2009. But a large amount is spent in 2014, which gives us a "five-year plan."

With the brazen mainstream-media support of Obama in the last election cycle, do we now have a "Pravda" of the West? If "central planning" hasn't yet begun, it will with national health care and cap-and-trade. New "czars" are appearing almost daily. Add to this mix, Rep. Maxine Waters, who threatened to "socialize" our oil companies. Obviously, she meant "nationalize," but couldn't find the word.

And, to complete the picture, each strata of our society seems to contain some "useful idiots." Is it any wonder President Obama is a fan of Abraham Lincoln: "You can fool some of the people all of the time ..."


Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Rush Limbaugh: smart cookie

I am neither a robot nor a dupe. I have listened to radio commentator Rush Limbaugh for over 10 years. He has not forced me to vote one way or another. I don't agree with everything he says all the time, but I do share his conservative views and values. I believe this sentiment is shared by a majority of his 22 million listeners, and they all can't be Republicans.

Rush is a smart cookie, does his homework, is a marvelous historian. He is a champion of the American people and cheers for productivity, ingenuity and entrepreneurship. He truly loves this country and thinks we are all fortunate and blessed to live here.

Rush is not a politician, he is not seeking political office, and he is not the head of any political group. I would encourage folks to listen to him for a few days. Make up your own mind. His show is entertaining, informative and upbeat.

In the world of 24-hour news and talking heads, it is a pleasure to turn on the radio and listen to the "truth detector" every day.

Donna Lynn Scearce

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A president with a plan

By now we all know that our president is an intelligent man. He understands that if California can fall into the abyss from overspending, so can we all. The only difference is that our country has no one to bail us out.

After our country implodes, he envisions a new country rising from the ashes -- one with the concept of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." What charismatic leader shall be at the helm of this transformed nation? Our president himself, of course.

Is that a little red book sticking out of his coat pocket?

Frances Gildart-Robinson

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

Thursday, March 5, 2009

While we sleep, we're being led into fascist socialism

After reading The Star's Feb. 28 article, "Plan thumps Sallie Mae," I'm wondering when the public will wake up and see American freedom dying right under our noses. Barack Obama's plan to have the federal government take over the college loan industry is only the latest power grab in a systematic "transformation" from free democracy to fascist socialism. By the time the plan succeeds, it will be too late to remind the nation of all the warning signs it ignored.

Federal government control of health care, education, the banking system and the auto industry sounds more like Venezuelan dictator-elect Hugo Chavez than an American president.

When Obama announced the federalization of college loans, Sallie Mae stock plummeted 31 percent. But this newest distressed company is a casualty in which the administration rejoices. It's a case study in the power of government to vanquish the private sector so that the public has no choice but to turn to the government for salvation.

The Obama administration is poised to do what nations throughout our short history have coveted: Conquer America. It is happening from within and we are accomplices, because in our panic we've made a clear statement: Americans don't want a president, they want a king.

Jason Adams

Source: The Indianapolis Star