Thursday, March 5, 2009

While we sleep, we're being led into fascist socialism

After reading The Star's Feb. 28 article, "Plan thumps Sallie Mae," I'm wondering when the public will wake up and see American freedom dying right under our noses. Barack Obama's plan to have the federal government take over the college loan industry is only the latest power grab in a systematic "transformation" from free democracy to fascist socialism. By the time the plan succeeds, it will be too late to remind the nation of all the warning signs it ignored.

Federal government control of health care, education, the banking system and the auto industry sounds more like Venezuelan dictator-elect Hugo Chavez than an American president.

When Obama announced the federalization of college loans, Sallie Mae stock plummeted 31 percent. But this newest distressed company is a casualty in which the administration rejoices. It's a case study in the power of government to vanquish the private sector so that the public has no choice but to turn to the government for salvation.

The Obama administration is poised to do what nations throughout our short history have coveted: Conquer America. It is happening from within and we are accomplices, because in our panic we've made a clear statement: Americans don't want a president, they want a king.

Jason Adams

Source: The Indianapolis Star

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