Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is it white privilege or hard work?

Whatever credibility Wendi C. Thomas had, she trashed with her April 5 column "Erasing privileges not about comfort." The 910 people who converged for the meeting on white privilege deserve to be drawn and quartered. We spend more tax dollars on programs and handouts to minorities than any other nation. Our banks were pressured into making loans to those who couldn't qualify for them honestly. Then, when these idiots defaulted on loans they shouldn't have received in the first place, the government stepped in to provide even more programs. Who will pay my white privileged mortgage?

Mexicans are considered minorities but they always seem to be employed. Did this goofy conference address the Mexi-privilege? Probably not, but I will: It's called hard work and personal responsibility.

I've had it. I won't donate another minute of my time, a penny of my disposable income or one iota of knowledge I have acquired to help a group of ungrateful people who, no matter how much is given to them by fair, hard-working, well-meaning Christian Americans, is never enough.

Tommy Volinchak

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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