Monday, April 13, 2009

Peril of spiritual bankruptcy

In 2006 under President Bush, the economy was booming. Unemployment was less than 5 percent, the stock market was breaking records, 401(k) accounts for millions of Americans were sparking dreams of prosperous retirements. Then the Democrats got control of Congress.

For the past three years they have worked tirelessly to destroy the American economy. They have put us in debt that even our grandkids won't be able to pay. Yes, the Republicans in name only have helped, but the Democrats have been in control of Congress for three years.

There's no question the Democrats have and are making a mess of things, but I can't really set the blame for the problems in this country at their doorstep. Our problems go much deeper. We have become a spiritually bankrupt country. We no longer put our faith in God. We no longer fill our churches, and only a small percentage of those who go to church support the church financially.

The problems we are experiencing will only get worse unless we confess our sins and accept the salvation offered through Jesus Christ. Mowing the lawn Sunday morning only gets a mowed lawn for a few days. How can we neglect so great a salvation?

Ron McDaniel

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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