Thursday, April 2, 2009

Resign, Mr. President

Enough is enough. Our president needs to learn the way capitalism works. Provided he's not secretly some Bolshevik from 1984, he should know that communism doesn't work. But that's what he's bringing about.

I can't imagine how he's managed to talk himself into taking over the job of General Motors' board of directors, but he has. In "firing" GM CEO Rick Wagoner, that is exactly what he has done. He has quite literally stepped in and taken their jobs.

Isn't he supposed to be creating more jobs? Maybe after we give him lifetime rule, like Cuba's Fidel Castro and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, we'll just pass up communism. We could just go straight into Obamism, where one man does all the work and philanthropically gives everyone hope out the wazoo.

That's not the way things work. President Obama may be the second coming of Christ, but even Jesus didn't kick down the door and fire the Pharisees. Instead, he died to save them. When it comes to Obama's way, keep in mind that there's always a better way of doing things.

And by the way, I demand a resignation from President Obama.

Matt Very

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

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