Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wealth creation in peril

The executive and legislative branches of our federal government are whining about the injustice of the distribution of wealth? Wealth isn't created or expanded by "distribution." Wealth is created by freedom and free markets.

Wealth is created by an individual's determination, drive, focus, work and sacrifice. Wealth can be perpetuated and expanded by generational commitment to the foundation of such wealth. Wealth is destroyed by confiscation and redistribution.

The evidence of this reality is readily apparent and is easily accessed with even the most minor of research efforts, at least while we still have freedom of speech. This freedom, our First Amendment right, along with all freedoms that we as Americans still have, is being threatened by, and quite deliberately targeted by, the current White House administration and the Reid-Pelosi Democrat Congress.

Wake up! What is going on now in the executive and legislative branches of our federal government is the greatest threat that the United States Constitution has ever faced. We as a nation have watched a systematic deconstruction of our Constitution, but we are now seeing a complete and utter disregard for, and deliberate violation and destruction of, our very foundation as a nation.

Additionally, the current administration and Congress are telling the American people that they're going to take the water out of only one end of the lake, and far too many are buying into such a ridiculous farce.

Vote the Marxists out -- while you still have a vote to cast.

Mark Arena
Fox Chapel

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obsession with Gitmo

What’s with the political obsession of our enemies at Guantanamo Bay? And what’s wrong with leaving the prisoners at Gitmo? It seems like a perfect place to me.

What would be gained by bringing them to the lower 48? I suspect this is just a political ploy to appease the need to “blame America first.” It seems that Obama would like to dissolve the U.S. into a world government where the good ol’ USA could do no further harm to the rest of the innocent world.

Has President Obama expressed even one comment in favor of anything the United States has ever accomplished? Michelle Obama isn’t proud of the U.S., except for her husband.

Do you suppose the Gitmo issue would be best left to the military? President Reagan would have delegated this petty issue. Obama has to decide with which cheese to bait the White House mouse-traps.

Robert Patterson
Lee’s Summit

Source: Kansas City Star

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Downward moral spiral

The president (notice I did not say "our president"; those who voted for him can have him) stated at the commencement for Notre Dame that we should be open-minded and fair-minded in the abortion debate. Does that mean that if we don't agree with his opinion on abortion we are not fair-minded or open-minded?

He cited parents of children with juvenile diabetes who might support embryonic stem cell research. There is overwhelming evidence that there is no need to create embryos to do stem cell research. In fact, more favorable results have come from adult stem cell research and umbilical cord cells.

Having Barack Obama speak at a Catholic college is like having the Ku Klux Klan speak at a predominantly black college. Would that be considered open-minded?

Catholics are the founders of the pro-life, anti-abortion movement. He should have graciously declined but his arrogance would never allow it. He is a smooth, charismatic talker, though, isn't he? Is this what they mean when they call his followers Kool-Aid drinkers?

I can only hope people will soon see the danger in his deception. We are in a downward moral spiral. The economy may recover, but once moral ground is lost, it is much more complex to recover. This country is in an economic mess because of the loss of fundamental values -- most importantly, respect for life.

Debbie Hildenbrand
North Huntingdon

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Torture? What about Fannie Mae?

Syndicated columnist Paul Krugman is such a hypocrite, but there he was, front and center again on the editorial page (April 25 column, "Can't sweep torture under rug"). "The only way we can regain our moral compass is to investigate what happened and prosecute those responsible." Give me a break. Only Bush hatred drives this. They still can't get over the election they lost.

If Krugman is so worried about our "moral compass," then explain why he hasn't called for the top four recipients of big money from Fannie Mae to come clean.

These include Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn.; Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.; Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., now residing in the White House. And still the first three are mostly in charge with "oversight" at Fannie and Freddie.

President George W. Bush did what had to be done to keep us safe. So did Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, great Democrats. What a trial Krugman would plan for them. No, it is an "I hate Bush" witch hunt, which puts expediency before this country's interest.

Discomfort is not torture. And let's see just who approved of the methods used to extract vital information that possibly saved thousands. You bet it'll reveal lots of your liberal cronies approved.

Virginia Robinson

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

Friday, May 1, 2009

Seniors beware

Under President Barack Obama’s proposed budget and executive orders, seniors and any living on fixed incomes will be economically punished and potentially forced out of their homes and into a life of restricted health care and poverty.

The tax increases — both direct and indirect — plus higher costs for food, energy, clothing, health care and everything we buy, will reduce the purchasing power of seniors.

Couple this with the dramatic drop in real estate and 401(k) values, and hard working American seniors will see their life being marginalized.

Where are the AARP and other senior advocate groups?

George Benjamin

Source: Kansas City Star