Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obsession with Gitmo

What’s with the political obsession of our enemies at Guantanamo Bay? And what’s wrong with leaving the prisoners at Gitmo? It seems like a perfect place to me.

What would be gained by bringing them to the lower 48? I suspect this is just a political ploy to appease the need to “blame America first.” It seems that Obama would like to dissolve the U.S. into a world government where the good ol’ USA could do no further harm to the rest of the innocent world.

Has President Obama expressed even one comment in favor of anything the United States has ever accomplished? Michelle Obama isn’t proud of the U.S., except for her husband.

Do you suppose the Gitmo issue would be best left to the military? President Reagan would have delegated this petty issue. Obama has to decide with which cheese to bait the White House mouse-traps.

Robert Patterson
Lee’s Summit

Source: Kansas City Star

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