Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wealth creation in peril

The executive and legislative branches of our federal government are whining about the injustice of the distribution of wealth? Wealth isn't created or expanded by "distribution." Wealth is created by freedom and free markets.

Wealth is created by an individual's determination, drive, focus, work and sacrifice. Wealth can be perpetuated and expanded by generational commitment to the foundation of such wealth. Wealth is destroyed by confiscation and redistribution.

The evidence of this reality is readily apparent and is easily accessed with even the most minor of research efforts, at least while we still have freedom of speech. This freedom, our First Amendment right, along with all freedoms that we as Americans still have, is being threatened by, and quite deliberately targeted by, the current White House administration and the Reid-Pelosi Democrat Congress.

Wake up! What is going on now in the executive and legislative branches of our federal government is the greatest threat that the United States Constitution has ever faced. We as a nation have watched a systematic deconstruction of our Constitution, but we are now seeing a complete and utter disregard for, and deliberate violation and destruction of, our very foundation as a nation.

Additionally, the current administration and Congress are telling the American people that they're going to take the water out of only one end of the lake, and far too many are buying into such a ridiculous farce.

Vote the Marxists out -- while you still have a vote to cast.

Mark Arena
Fox Chapel

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

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