Monday, June 29, 2009

Catching on?

Letter writer Vincent N. Shonka wonders when his fellow Americans are going to see what a bad job Barack Obama is doing ("A Bad President," June 17).

Some people might be starting to catch on. Unfortunately, I don't think the majority will realize that until they wake up one day and discover that most of their liberties and freedom are gone. And that the United States has turned into the former Soviet Socialist Republic.

There might be a glimmer of hope when they realize that the proposed health-care reform is going to eliminate necessary services and will ultimately destroy one of the best medical treatment systems in the world.

Maybe it will dawn on some people that the systematic dismantling of our national security and getting warm and cozy with the Muslim world is going to do nothing but open us up to another terrorist attack. The next one will be far worse than the first.

Maybe there will be hope when they realize that their paycheck could be next on the list of wage control. It won't be confined to just top executives. That one is a no-brainer.

Thank you for your service to our country, Mr. Shonka. Hang in there. There might be a light at the end of the tunnel. However, I do strongly emphasize the word might.

South Park

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Friday, June 26, 2009

Left-wing agenda rises to the top

I've never been as ashamed of an American president as I am of President Barack Obama.

Hundreds of thousands of young Iranians march in the streets of Tehran, dozens are brutally murdered, thousands are injured, hundreds are arrested, and it takes Obama 11 days to back away from his overt support of engagement with this radical dictatorship that is at the core of most of the terrorism and human rights abuses in the Middle East. Presidents are supposed to lead, not be led around, and especially not led around by the "Supreme Leader" (Obama's quote).

Obama has said he doesn't want to "interfere" in the internal politics of a foreign country (no matter what happens?), especially when it is the supplier and safe haven for Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas -- three sponsors of terrorism? Then why does he feel free to dictate border issues and bogus peace agreements to Israel's government?

Speaking of human rights, where is the radical left in supporting the demonstrators of Iran? Where does the local Mid-South Peace and Justice Center stand on this obvious violation of human rights? Not a whimper, not a mention on their Web site.

This just proves that the radical left, of which one can safely include Obama, could not care less about human rights, but are more concerned with imposing their radical left-wing agenda on the majority.

Shep Fargotstein

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Liberal hypocrisy decays America

The writer of your June 20 letter "Palin panders as GOP fades away" finds irony in Sarah Palin standing up for her family and values. How would he feel if a reporter asked the Obama children about having a father whose mother was also a member of the "I got knocked up" club?

Our social programs provide for countless children born out of wedlock. Does the writer also want David Letterman to make fun of these families?

Americans are the most forgiving, understanding and supportive people on Earth. The letter writer, however, is typical of the liberal hypocrisy that decays America. His hatred for righteousness and principle finds him ridiculing a select class of people while he protects those of the same circumstance simply because they share his misguided, pagan views.

I have no real worry about the demise of any political party. What worries me is the demise of morals, common decency and respect for others that has become commonplace in people like the letter writer.

Tommy Volinchak

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

Monday, June 22, 2009

No mistakes, just choices

Your June 7 article ("The woman within") about the transgender he/she was utterly disgusting, three pages that talked about a man who lived as a man for 30-some years and then suddenly felt he had to come out, saying he was a woman in a man's body.

God doesn't make mistakes. People are not born gay or lesbian; they choose to be. David/Darlene chose to be what he is, and if all these gay and lesbian people would read the Bible, they would know that homosexuality is a sin and no homosexual will enter heaven. Those are God's words, not mine.

Sondra Henson

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A bad president

Every day I wake up and wonder when my fellow Americans are going to see what a bad job President Barack Obama is doing. His plan for fixing our poor economy is a joke! Basic logic dictates that you tighten your belt, not spend money you don't even have to spend.

His constant derogatory remarks about the United States just turn my stomach. Being a veteran, I take these remarks personally. The man has no idea what it means to be an American, really. I hope in the very near future that my fellow Americans stop this infatuation or whatever it is with Mr. Obama and see him for what he really is, and that is "un-American."


Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Sunday, June 7, 2009

G-20: Showcase for city's ills

Pittsburgh is the perfect place to conduct the G-20 summit in September. It shows the results of what government can do. Eleven steps to where we are now:

1. Close down or chase away all private enterprise through the Environmental Protection Agency, unions, taxes and onerous regulations. Public schools decline but excel in wasting money.

2. Replace for-profit, taxpaying endeavors with nonprofits, health care, educational pursuits and many government jobs, all depending on government funding or outright gifts.

3. Chase away all people who actually contribute with labor and investment, creating a constantly declining population. Use taxation, crime, malaise, Section 8 housing, one-party rule and no real private employment.

4. Get the city into state receivership and oversight, blame previous administrations for everything, create pensions that can't be paid without other government help, and become dependent on the state and federal governments.

5. Convert a longtime Republican professional football team owner to a staunch Barack Obama follower. Make much political hay of this miraculous conversion by appointing a new ambassador to a country that doesn't mean anything.

6. Act like a homeless, shameless tramp; take every bone that President Obama and Gov. Rendell throw your way and thank them for their charity.

7. Raise taxes on everybody who fled the city -- useless suburbanites who pollute the pureness of this ideal city -- under the guise of providing emergency services.

8. Continue to throw money at the transit system to make it more like Europe's, though the population doesn't use it much.

9. Exult in chasing so many people away that Steelers clubs for displaced Pittsburghers, who left to feed their families without welfare and government handouts, exist all over the world.

10. Take credit for the amazing things done to this most American city, which helped win World War II, at one time was the third-largest corporate headquarters city, and had three times today's population.

11. Invite the G-20 conference to showcase deconstructing one of the world's most prosperous industrial areas.

Ed Comer
Perry Hilltop

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Thursday, June 4, 2009

God wouldn't condemn His creation

In response to the writer of the May 30 letter "Searching the soul yields answers," I don't believe that God makes anyone to be homosexual. The Bible says God condemns this lifestyle as sin, and I don't believe God would make anyone homosexual and then condemn them for it. That's not the God I worship.

Rosalyn Johnson

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal