Sunday, June 7, 2009

G-20: Showcase for city's ills

Pittsburgh is the perfect place to conduct the G-20 summit in September. It shows the results of what government can do. Eleven steps to where we are now:

1. Close down or chase away all private enterprise through the Environmental Protection Agency, unions, taxes and onerous regulations. Public schools decline but excel in wasting money.

2. Replace for-profit, taxpaying endeavors with nonprofits, health care, educational pursuits and many government jobs, all depending on government funding or outright gifts.

3. Chase away all people who actually contribute with labor and investment, creating a constantly declining population. Use taxation, crime, malaise, Section 8 housing, one-party rule and no real private employment.

4. Get the city into state receivership and oversight, blame previous administrations for everything, create pensions that can't be paid without other government help, and become dependent on the state and federal governments.

5. Convert a longtime Republican professional football team owner to a staunch Barack Obama follower. Make much political hay of this miraculous conversion by appointing a new ambassador to a country that doesn't mean anything.

6. Act like a homeless, shameless tramp; take every bone that President Obama and Gov. Rendell throw your way and thank them for their charity.

7. Raise taxes on everybody who fled the city -- useless suburbanites who pollute the pureness of this ideal city -- under the guise of providing emergency services.

8. Continue to throw money at the transit system to make it more like Europe's, though the population doesn't use it much.

9. Exult in chasing so many people away that Steelers clubs for displaced Pittsburghers, who left to feed their families without welfare and government handouts, exist all over the world.

10. Take credit for the amazing things done to this most American city, which helped win World War II, at one time was the third-largest corporate headquarters city, and had three times today's population.

11. Invite the G-20 conference to showcase deconstructing one of the world's most prosperous industrial areas.

Ed Comer
Perry Hilltop

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

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