Friday, June 26, 2009

Left-wing agenda rises to the top

I've never been as ashamed of an American president as I am of President Barack Obama.

Hundreds of thousands of young Iranians march in the streets of Tehran, dozens are brutally murdered, thousands are injured, hundreds are arrested, and it takes Obama 11 days to back away from his overt support of engagement with this radical dictatorship that is at the core of most of the terrorism and human rights abuses in the Middle East. Presidents are supposed to lead, not be led around, and especially not led around by the "Supreme Leader" (Obama's quote).

Obama has said he doesn't want to "interfere" in the internal politics of a foreign country (no matter what happens?), especially when it is the supplier and safe haven for Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas -- three sponsors of terrorism? Then why does he feel free to dictate border issues and bogus peace agreements to Israel's government?

Speaking of human rights, where is the radical left in supporting the demonstrators of Iran? Where does the local Mid-South Peace and Justice Center stand on this obvious violation of human rights? Not a whimper, not a mention on their Web site.

This just proves that the radical left, of which one can safely include Obama, could not care less about human rights, but are more concerned with imposing their radical left-wing agenda on the majority.

Shep Fargotstein

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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