Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Liberal hypocrisy decays America

The writer of your June 20 letter "Palin panders as GOP fades away" finds irony in Sarah Palin standing up for her family and values. How would he feel if a reporter asked the Obama children about having a father whose mother was also a member of the "I got knocked up" club?

Our social programs provide for countless children born out of wedlock. Does the writer also want David Letterman to make fun of these families?

Americans are the most forgiving, understanding and supportive people on Earth. The letter writer, however, is typical of the liberal hypocrisy that decays America. His hatred for righteousness and principle finds him ridiculing a select class of people while he protects those of the same circumstance simply because they share his misguided, pagan views.

I have no real worry about the demise of any political party. What worries me is the demise of morals, common decency and respect for others that has become commonplace in people like the letter writer.

Tommy Volinchak

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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