Monday, July 27, 2009

The nitty gritty of health care

The current controversy over President Obama's health care proposal, distilled to its essences, is this:

Who do you want to determine whether your grandma lives a little longer or not -- Uncle Sam or United Healthcare?

I don't have full confidence in either, thank you.

Health care and, indeed, life itself, has always been rationed and it always will be. Whether we are talking about elders dying on a hunt in Africa, an Eskimo fishing expedition in the Arctic or by the decision of a committee of "experts" in the United States, it all amounts to the same thing -- rationing.

Spartans rationed life for newborns if the newborns were "too weak" to survive. Americans today ration the lives of newborns depending on whether or not the newborns are a financial or a time-consuming nuisance.

Whole social movements sprang up over the idea of health care rationing or the rationing of life itself. The American eugenics movement moved to Nazi Germany and the idea of rationing children was institutionalized by Communist China.

The rationing of health care will always exist.

I don't trust any of its current overseers and "bean counters" all that much. I don't know that I could do much better, either.

The whole issue is a tragic part of the condition of human life. There's no really great solution in sight.

Jay Schechtman

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama's 'changes'

Will we have a presidential election in 2012 or will that be another constitutional right that gets thrown under the Obama bus?

All of the ingredients for a totalitarian government are evident in America today. Our president, under the guise of "looking out for the American people," states there will be universal health care because he wants it. Frau Pelosi has her underlings in complete submission; she rules the U.S. House like an iron maiden.

The silence from the Republican Party officials is deafening. The only exception is when Sarah Palin riles up their masculine egos with her down-to-earth sensible ideas.

The American people are apathetic, engrossed in their quest for instant gratification and oblivious to the fact that their freedoms are fast slipping away. These ingredients can lead to only one conclusion: the loss of our American ideals and freedoms.

Welcome to slavery, everyone!

Mary Jane Frontone
Wellsville, Ohio

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Friday, July 17, 2009

Liberals love notorious killer, promote bad-boy behavior

Leave it to the Greencastle liberal Ken Bode ("It would be a crime to miss this Dillinger flick," July 10) to extol a movie celebrating a common thief and murderer. John Dillinger looked nothing like Johnny Depp, the early '30s were not Hollywood Technicolor and the actors stayed dead on the pavement.

I don't need to support the coffers of Tinseltown when a movie with a bad message comes out. There are enough idiots out there who will do it for me. Dillinger was a cop killer, plain and simple.

Bode and his liberal crowd love to glorify, promote and celebrate bad societal behavior, whether it be in the Capone '30s, the drug-infested and socialist '60s or the gangsta rap '90s. Whenever such people tell me I must see a movie, I know to stay as far away from that theater as possible.

Tom Smith

Source: Indianapolis Star

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Get the facts on homosexuality

In reading Thomas' latest column, I wish she had taken a course in theology or psychology or logic or sociology or physiology or anthropology.

From a theological aspect, homosexuality has been forbidden behavior in Islam for over 1,500 years; in Christianity for 2,000 years; and in Judaism for over 6,000 years. Especially in the pre-Christian and pre-Islam religions of Africa, it was rejected.

From a psychological aspect, the American Psychological Association regarded homosexuality as a behavioral disorder until the mid-1970s. It took the position, not based on any valid study, but because it didn't want to be judgmental about a behavior pattern that didn't seem to harm its participants. This was when homosexuality started the slow climb into being acceptable, and condoning it became politically correct.

From a physiological standpoint, what is the primary function of sex? Procreation. Therefore, the function of a homosexual relationship is only about pleasure and hedonism. Also, if you are born with your sexual identity, how do you know if you are born to be a "butch" or a "queen"? Your total identity is learned, unlearned, reinforced from first breath to last.

From a sociological standpoint, a marriage has been between a man and a woman for thousands of years. A heterosexual marriage was conceived to form the basic unit of society. It has worked moderately well in most societies. The concept of marriage was not established to get a tax break, provide hospital visiting privileges or medical benefits.

Finally, homosexuality is not logical.

John Baker

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

Judging a lifestyle is not about hate

We often hear about what love supposedly is, but rarely does anyone consider what love is not. Love is not telling someone (or a group of people) that everything is OK when it simply isn't, as Commercial Appeal columnist Wendi C. Thomas has insisted on doing numerous times, especially in her most recent piece, "The straight and narrow/Black churches use Scripture to reject gay lifestyles, hypocrisy to accept 'conventional' errancy," in Viewpoint July 12.

Most people who oppose the homosexual lifestyle are not advocating hate, nor are they proposing aggressive action against the gay community. In virtually every case, excluding a diminutive faction of radicals, their drive is based on Biblical mandates given to us in the Old Testament book of Leviticus, and the New Testament books of Romans, 1 Corinthians, Galatians and 1 Timothy.

Opponents can say what they want of the Bible, but the warnings provided by its authors are proven and true. Only those who refuse to see it will remain blind. It's usually ill-advised to pass judgment, but it is increasingly apparent that Thomas prefers a cookie-cutter kind of Christianity that allows her to overlook the Scripture's forbiddance of the so-called alternative lifestyle, replacing it instead with the echoes of an adulterated version that only leads to disaster.

Even more tragic, it's only a matter of time before what I have written will be deemed by law as a "hate crime."

Adam M. Woodford

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fast track to tyranny

The Obama administration moved into Washington, D.C., with promises of hope and change.

My hope was that I would be proven wrong about the type of change I thought it would bring. I thought it would move our country in a direction that would gradually lead to socialism.

I have been proven wrong. This train to socialism is on a high-speed rail system unlike anything before. It may not be able to stop at the socialism station and might have to move on to something even worse.

Having taken virtual control of the banking/mortgage industry and the auto industry, the administration has moved toward control of nearly every other industry with the recent House passage of the cap-and-trade bill, and it intends to bring us universal health care, under which bureaucrats will determine who will be worthy of care or expensive procedures.

We now have unelected "czars" with extraordinary powers to affect various facets of our lives. These powers are given to them by President Obama alone, without congressional approval.

It was 233 years ago when the Founding Fathers declared independence from the tyranny of England. Will we have the courage to stand up to the tyranny we are about to endure?

August Gatto

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

United Socialized States of America?

The way the Obama administration is going, we may as well shred the Constitution. The USA we have now will have to change its name to the USSA — United Socialized States of America — and that is suspiciously close to USSR.

Terry Love

Kansas City Star