Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fast track to tyranny

The Obama administration moved into Washington, D.C., with promises of hope and change.

My hope was that I would be proven wrong about the type of change I thought it would bring. I thought it would move our country in a direction that would gradually lead to socialism.

I have been proven wrong. This train to socialism is on a high-speed rail system unlike anything before. It may not be able to stop at the socialism station and might have to move on to something even worse.

Having taken virtual control of the banking/mortgage industry and the auto industry, the administration has moved toward control of nearly every other industry with the recent House passage of the cap-and-trade bill, and it intends to bring us universal health care, under which bureaucrats will determine who will be worthy of care or expensive procedures.

We now have unelected "czars" with extraordinary powers to affect various facets of our lives. These powers are given to them by President Obama alone, without congressional approval.

It was 233 years ago when the Founding Fathers declared independence from the tyranny of England. Will we have the courage to stand up to the tyranny we are about to endure?

August Gatto

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

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