Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Get the facts on homosexuality

In reading Thomas' latest column, I wish she had taken a course in theology or psychology or logic or sociology or physiology or anthropology.

From a theological aspect, homosexuality has been forbidden behavior in Islam for over 1,500 years; in Christianity for 2,000 years; and in Judaism for over 6,000 years. Especially in the pre-Christian and pre-Islam religions of Africa, it was rejected.

From a psychological aspect, the American Psychological Association regarded homosexuality as a behavioral disorder until the mid-1970s. It took the position, not based on any valid study, but because it didn't want to be judgmental about a behavior pattern that didn't seem to harm its participants. This was when homosexuality started the slow climb into being acceptable, and condoning it became politically correct.

From a physiological standpoint, what is the primary function of sex? Procreation. Therefore, the function of a homosexual relationship is only about pleasure and hedonism. Also, if you are born with your sexual identity, how do you know if you are born to be a "butch" or a "queen"? Your total identity is learned, unlearned, reinforced from first breath to last.

From a sociological standpoint, a marriage has been between a man and a woman for thousands of years. A heterosexual marriage was conceived to form the basic unit of society. It has worked moderately well in most societies. The concept of marriage was not established to get a tax break, provide hospital visiting privileges or medical benefits.

Finally, homosexuality is not logical.

John Baker

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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