Friday, July 17, 2009

Liberals love notorious killer, promote bad-boy behavior

Leave it to the Greencastle liberal Ken Bode ("It would be a crime to miss this Dillinger flick," July 10) to extol a movie celebrating a common thief and murderer. John Dillinger looked nothing like Johnny Depp, the early '30s were not Hollywood Technicolor and the actors stayed dead on the pavement.

I don't need to support the coffers of Tinseltown when a movie with a bad message comes out. There are enough idiots out there who will do it for me. Dillinger was a cop killer, plain and simple.

Bode and his liberal crowd love to glorify, promote and celebrate bad societal behavior, whether it be in the Capone '30s, the drug-infested and socialist '60s or the gangsta rap '90s. Whenever such people tell me I must see a movie, I know to stay as far away from that theater as possible.

Tom Smith

Source: Indianapolis Star

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