Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama's 'changes'

Will we have a presidential election in 2012 or will that be another constitutional right that gets thrown under the Obama bus?

All of the ingredients for a totalitarian government are evident in America today. Our president, under the guise of "looking out for the American people," states there will be universal health care because he wants it. Frau Pelosi has her underlings in complete submission; she rules the U.S. House like an iron maiden.

The silence from the Republican Party officials is deafening. The only exception is when Sarah Palin riles up their masculine egos with her down-to-earth sensible ideas.

The American people are apathetic, engrossed in their quest for instant gratification and oblivious to the fact that their freedoms are fast slipping away. These ingredients can lead to only one conclusion: the loss of our American ideals and freedoms.

Welcome to slavery, everyone!

Mary Jane Frontone
Wellsville, Ohio

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

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