Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A 21st century revolution

Today we face another revolutionary period in the history of America. We are in a pivotal battle to determine the future course of the nation. Will we become a hopeless socialistic morass, as it now appears, or will right-thinking, Godly Americans rise to meet the challenge and set our nation back on the right track?

The U.S. government now controls 80 percent of the largest insurer (AIG), controls the largest auto manufacturer (GM) and has repudiated GM's legitimate creditors. Now this same government wishes to force socialized medicine upon us all, with a plan so obscurely written as to be almost impossible to interpret on close reading. For our elected officials to pass 1,017 pages of legislation of such huge impact which they have not read, without proper debate and study of the cost, is treasonous.

Our president asks during the summer recess that we snitch on each other and report people opposed to his plan. So now it appears we are sliding toward fascism as well? The president won't need a snitch to find me -- I am violently opposed to his plan.

It is time for the vast majority of Americans, people of faith, to arise and make their position known. Men and women of Christian and Judeo-Christian character can change the course of the nation. We have reached a point where failure to act will sink the ship into a hopeless morass.

W. Percy Galbreath

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

Sunday, August 9, 2009

‘Commanding’ the U.S. economy

When the Bolsheviks took power after World War I they realized, per Marxist theory, they needed to attain the commanding heights of the economy. For the Soviet Union it was heavy industry, steel and weapons.

In today’s United States of America, the commanding heights have changed. The Obama administration has already seized control of the banks and auto industries, with their next target being health care, almost 20 percent of the nation’s GDP. President Obama and the Democrats are attempting to use government to control the economy and increase governmental controls on our everyday lives because of their belief that government, not the individual citizen, knows what is right.

I can only hope we all see what is happening and realize we must not let our federal government control key economic power as the Soviet Union did. Questions of morality, life and death and basic issues of American ideals are at stake.

Tom Allen

Source: Kansas City Star

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sick of dialing 1 for English

Why is it that everywhere I go I find that all businesses give you the option of either English or Spanish? Do we not live in an English-speaking country?

I have filed complaints with several companies but have not seen any results. I think it is time that we as Americans stand up and be counted. I have not seen all of the other languages displayed for my use. Are the Spanish-speaking people the only ones who have migrated to the United States? It looks like it is only for those who have come here illegally.

Allen Broadbent
Blue Springs

Source: Kansas City Star