Friday, September 18, 2009

Our burgeoning socialist state

The people on the left support failed socialist programs we have had in the past; Medicare, Cars for Clunkers and the prescription drug plan where they take taxpayer funds and give those funds to others. Now they want to implement the largest socialist program in U.S. history with nationalized health care.

All the hard core Communist countries started out with what in their minds was only fair -- redistribution of the fruits of the successful to the unfortunate who did not apply themselves and refused to participate in a capitalist economy.

Naturally, mankind refuses to give credit earned by hard working individuals to those who had no part in the process, thus the earners will eventually resist the state's confiscation of their profits and the socialism begins to find widespread resistance.

When this happens, the only survival for socialism will be force by the state. Remember, Communism is only Socialism at the point of a gun.

The most famous example of extreme socialism was the Nazi party in Germany. The word Nazi is a word derived from the German word: "Nationalsozialist" that simply is translated in English to: "National Socialist".

If you look at the strict definition of the word Nazi, you will find the Democratic Party's actions of late are closer to Nazism than the American citizens expressing their right to question their government. In 1939 Germany, if their citizens questioned their government, they found themselves incarcerated, facing potential fatal consequences.

This health care plan is just another step in the slippery slope to bigger and more terrifying things to come if we don't take a stand right now.

Robin Wallace

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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