Monday, October 19, 2009

Our world is slipping away

When I see an election in Iran stolen and watch the world do nothing, I weep. When I see a religious fanatic madman, convinced he is the chosen one to usher in the return of his "messiah," ruling Iran with nuclear weapons at his disposal, I weep.

When I see the corruption of the world's leaders in the U.N. ruling the world, I weep. When I see the corruption in the U.S. that lets groups like ACORN and its hundreds of subsidiaries not only break the law but get funding from our government for years, I weep. When I see trillions of taxpayer dollars spent with our government growing, and the homeless are still homeless, the jobless are still jobless, and the poor are still poor, I weep.

When I see the world favor terrorist nations over Israel, a nation merely striving every day just to exist, I weep. When I see a world starving so much for change that it will follow anybody willing to go there, even if it might be the wrong direction, I weep.

When I see our soldiers fighting and dying for a cause our government does not really support, I weep. When I see the greatest nation on Earth slowly dying before my eyes, I weep. When Jesus' friend died, he wept. He then resurrected his friend.

I pray to God that He would resurrect the moral fiber, integrity and ethics of our world before it crumbles before our eyes. Perhaps it has to die first before that happens. Perhaps that is exactly what we are seeing.

Could the return of Christ be near? I say yes.

Steven G. Dugger

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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