Sunday, October 11, 2009

A tale of two slaves

Re: "5 generations: Slavery to White House -- Researcher traces Michelle Obama's roots, starting with young girl in bondage," Thursday news story.

This may be a tale of two slaves. Let us imagine that, in the early 19th century, European slave traders captured a group of peace-loving black people from Africa. Among the group were two brothers, both trying to escape back to their homes.

One brother was put onto a slave ship and sold into slavery in America. His descendants resulted in the first African-American first lady. That is a source of pride for the black race and for America.

The other brother escaped the slave net and returned to his home in Africa. His descendants were among the millions of African blacks who were murdered, and worse, during the last two or three decades.

Who, then, was better off? We can be proud of the Obamas and their ancestors, and feel sorrow for those who remained behind.

John Q. Atchley, Dallas

Source: Dallas Morning News

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