Saturday, November 28, 2009

Solution may be a pro-life nation

Based on the Life Choices Annual Report for the fiscal year 2007-2008, there were 8,530 abortions-on-demand in Shelby County. Since all of these are performed in three inner-city clinics, I assumed most are African-American babies that are murdered. I was right. Based on the statistics by the state, 81 percent are minority children that are killed.

Now tell me: Why does the black community allow such a genocide of their unborn? Maybe because the Democratic Party is being bankrolled by Planned Parenthood, who runs these clinics. We know that President Barack Obama, U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen and many of the Democratic politicians have received millions of dollars in campaign contributions from abortion groups. They will never rid Memphis of its holocaust of the unborn. It will take the actions of pro-life Christians to fight against the wicked abortion supporters.

One of my solutions is for all red states to withdraw from the Union and form a pro-life nation where babies of all races will be protected by the original U.S. Constitution and the Bible.

Keith Proctor

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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