Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Session on homosexuality fails to present other side

The Spirit and Place Festival recently ended. The event certainly has a number of intriguing experiences to offer Indianapolis each year, but I have a complaint. Two years ago I attended a session on homosexuality at which a Presbyterian minister explained that the Bible does not really consider homosexuality a sin. When I got a chance to comment after the talk, I suggested that the Spirit and Place organizers ought to present both sides of an issue if they were going to deal with something so controversial. But for at least three years now the Polis Center, which organizes this event, has presented homosexual-affirming talks, never even hinting that there is another point of view.

For the Polis Center to present only one side of the picture does a grave disservice to homosexual people, some of whom would love to know that the homosexual lifestyle may not be their only answer.

Stephen J. Martin

Source: Indianapolis Star

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