Sunday, December 13, 2009

Debate calls for real science

It would be almost comical, if it wasn’t so serious. The Environmental Protection Agency’s decision that global warming from man-made “greenhouse gases” endangers Americans’ health is not only irresponsible but is much more deadly than the declaration itself (12/8, A1, “Stage is set for tough controls; The finding suggests the White House will push for costly changes with or without the help of Congress”).

Have you seen our automobile industry lately? It’s basically nonexistent. It’s definitely not to the level that it should be. And rulings like this will kill it. If what we breathe out of our own bodies is a pollutant, what won’t be regulated?

This is basically nonsense, as CO{-2} in the atmosphere is so minuscule that it can’t affect the temperature of the planet. A real science discussion needs to take place on some stage — in a courtroom, maybe a congressional hearing. If we had a true science debate on this issue, it would be no contest. And the man-made global warming agenda would be shown for the fraud that it is.

Dyrk Dugan
Overland Park

Source: Kansas City Star

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